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Chandramouleeswarar – Shiva Temple, Thiruvakkarai/ Vakra Kaliamman Temple

Although this is a Paadal Petra Sthalam praised by Gnanasambandar, it is more popularly known as Vakra Kaliamman temple. The special feature of the temple is a very rare form of the presiding deity known as Mumukha Linga (Three faced linga). Lord Shiva’s face is on the front of the linga while the faces of Vishnu and Brahma are flanked on either sides. As.htabhuja Kali (eight armed Kali) graces the devotees in a separate shrine located just at the entrance of the temple. Praying at this temple is said to give child boon, alleviate the problems faced in married life and other benefits in temple. Full moon day is a festival day during which special poojas are conducted for Kali.
The temple is open throughout the day from 7 am to 8:30 pm daily.

Lord Siva: Chandramouleeswarar,Chandrasekharar
Ambal (Goddess): Amritheswari, Vadivambigai
Sthala Vriksham : Vilva
Theertham : Surya Pushkarni

How to reach
There is a place called Perambakkam located on the Tindivanam-Mayilam-Pondicherry road ( bus services available from Tindivanam). There will be an entrance arch just opposite to Perambakkam bus stop which leads to Thiruvakkarai at about 7 kms from the arch.  If travelling by bus alight at Perambakkam bus stop and from there share auto services are available to reach the temple. Alternatively this place can be reached from Villipuram also ( about 30 kms ).

Temple Legend
Vakran, a demon and devotee of Lord Shiva Him worshipped Him here and hence the place got the name Vakkarai. Nevertheless, Vakran was a demon and Mahavishnu took the task of slaying him. When Vishnu was trying to kill Vakran, the blood of the demon spilled on the floor and a new demon was forming from each of the blood drop thus making it impossible to kill him. Kali joined the battle to assist Vishnu and she cleared up the blood of the demon as and when it fell thereby preventing the manifestation and resulting in extinction of the demon. Seeing this, Vakran’s sister Dhunmukhi got enraged and had a fierceful battle with Kali, mother Kali killed her too. But Dhunmukhi was pregnant at the time of death and the fetus in her womb was worn by Kali as ear rings as a remedy to the sin of killing a pregnant woman.

Nearby attractions

There is a famous Lord Murugan temple at Mailam which is nearby.

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