Sunday, 6 March 2016

Bhakthajaneswarar Shiva Temple - Thirunavalur

Thirunavalur near Villupuram Town, Tamilnadu has the privilege of being the birthplace of Sundarar, one among the four great Saints of Saivism. This place is also called Thirunamanallur.

This Paadal Petra Sthalam has been praised by Sundarar in Thevaram. As per the legend, Lord Vishnu before taking taking the Narasimha Avatar to kill the demon Hiranyan, worshiped Lord Shiva in this temple. There is a separate shrine for Lord Vishnu inside the temple premises.  There is also a shrine for Sundarar and his consorts Paravai and Sangili. Another legend is that Sukran worshiped the Lord here and got his Dosha absolved. Hence it will be beneficial for those who are having Sukra Dosha to have darshan and pray to the Lord Bhakthajaneswara in this temple.

This place is located on the Chennai - Thiruchirapalli Highway. after crossing Villupuram there is a place called Madapattu and Thirunavalur is about 2 kms from this point. Those travelling by bus should board bus from Villpuram and get down at a place called Kedilam. From this place, another bus which is plying on Thirukovilur to Thirunavalur should be boarded to reach the destination.

Lord Siva: Bhakthajaneswarar, Thirunavaleswarar
Ambal (Goddess): Sundarambigai, Manonmani
Sthala Vriksham : Naaval

Theertham :Garuda Theertham

Temple is open from 6 am to 12 noon and from 4:30 pm to 8:30 pm everyday.

Sundarar praises the Lord as follows

The Lord who annihilated the three worlds of demons by a single arrow, one who forcefully dragged me to Thiruvennainallur for my deliverance, one who deserved the service from four faced Brahma, Indra and Vishnu resides in Thirunavalur!

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