Sunday, 8 May 2016

Sivaloka Thiagesar Shiva Temple – Thirunallur Perumanam (Achalpuram)

This temple is located at Achalpuram (15 kms from Chidambaram) and has very special events associated with it – one is Thirugnanasambandar got married as per the wishes of his parents in this temple and the other is he attained mukthi along with his parents and relatives. During Sambandar’s marriage, divine mother Parvati herself took the role of inviting people who flocked the temple and distributed Vibhuti (sacred ash) to them. To commemorate this, even now in the Ambal temple inside the premises, Vibhuti is offered to devotees as against the norm of offering Kumkum. After the marriage, it is said that Siva Jyothi appeared in the temple and Sambandar along with his relatives and four more nayanmars entered the Jyothi to remain in eternal bliss with Lord Siva. This Paadal Petra Sthalam has been sung by Sambandar (2 pathigams).

Close to Achalpuram, there is a village called Nallur and it is said that the marriage procession of Sambandar started from this place. There is a temple dedicated to Lord Rama – Sundara Kothandaramar temple, worshipping in this temple is believed to remove the obstacles in marriage. This temple is also worth visiting but unfortunately it’s in a dilapidated condition.

On the Chidambaram-Sirkazhi road, immediately after crossing the kollidam bridge, there will be a road branching to the left. The temple is about 5 kms on this road. There is another paadal petra sthalam- Mahendrapalli at about 6 kms from this temple. Both the temples can be covered in the same visit. Bus bound for Mahendrapalli from Sirkazhi or Chidambaram can be taken but the frequency is very limited. It will be better to have a private transport arranged from Chidambaram.

Open from 6 am to 12 pm and from 4:30 pm to 8 pm every day.

Lord Siva: Sivaloka Thiagesar, Perumanamudaya Mahadevar.
Ambal (Goddess): Thiruvenneetru Umaiammai, Swetha Vibhuthi Nayagi.
Sthala Vriksham : Maa (Mango tree)

Theertham : 11 theerthams

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