Sunday, 29 January 2017

Paalvanna Nathar Shiva Temple - Sivapuri (Near Chidambaram)


  • Shiva linga is in a damaged form and milk white color (hence the name paalvanna nathar).
  • Worshipped by sage Kapilar
  • Paadal Petra Sthalam. Sung by Appar, Gnanasambandar and Sundarar
  • Bairavar form in this temple is same as Kasi Bairavar, hence it is believed that devotees get the same benefit as that of worshiping Kasi.
Ancient name of this temple is Thirukazhipalai, current name is Sivapuri and it is located at about 4 kms from Chidambaram bus stand on the Sivapuri road. Temple will be open for limited time in the morning and evening, but the priest resides nearby and darshan can be made on request.

Lord Siva: Paal Vanna Nathar
Ambal (Goddess): Vedhanayaki

Model of the lingam present in the main Sanctum

This temple was originally in a place called Karaimedu near the banks of Kollidam (about 13 kms from Chidambaram) but got destroyed in a severe flood and the moolavar (main God) was shifted to this new place. This Siva lingam was constructed by sage Kapilar making use of butter and white sand, lingam looks milk white in color and hence the lord was named as Paalvanna nathar (Paal in tamil means milk and Vannam means color). One day, one of the horses belonging to the local King accidentally set its foot on the lingam and the center portion caved in causing a big carved out dent. Kapilar was extremely sad and he decided to construct another new lingam. Lord Shiva and Parvati appeared before Kapilar and asked him to shed his worries and to continue workshipping Him using the same damaged lingam. The tradition continues even now also, during Abhishekam milk that is poured gets accumulated into the lingam (about 2 litres of capacity), milk coming out of this is considered to be of special value.

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